Some of 2015/16

My 2015 and 2016 work is all based on my life in South Devon, on Dartmoor or at the coast. I am fortunate enough to live near Dartmoor, and this year and last I have drawn a lot as I walk, springer dog Beano in tow. I will sit for a couple of hours sometimes and get lost in the landscape as I try to capture some of the atmosphere of it. I rarely paint outside, I have tried it, and may do so again, but for me I need to distill what I experience, to take my work back to my studio, where I will (eventually) turn my thoughts onto paper or canvas. I always work on several paintings at once, moving between them as I get to a point where I don’t know what to do next. Often they are then finished. I have been experimenting with colour and mediums. I love oils, but I also love watercolours and water based printing inks and water based oils.

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