Student’s comments


I’ve been teaching for more than 30 years – and am delighted to have found in Jane – a really good teacher – for my art practice. I can honestly say that I have found Jane’s teaching inspirational. In the class I attend there is a broad spectrum – from real beginners to those who have quite a lot of experience and want to really develop a particular aspect of their work. Jane keeps us all in mind, offering a structured approach for those who want it, or helping others with what they’re keen to work on.  She is endlessly encouraging and appreciative of our efforts, and, most importantly, gives the time and thought to exploring a way for each of us to move forward at our own pace – offering suggestions for developing ideas and techniques. Sue I

Jane is good at basics but also freeing so I can discover my style, each lesson is a good surprise – all leading to giving me my own skills to eventually produce something that is more than I imagined I could achieve! I love each lesson! Ellen

Jane offers friendly, kind advice. I leant more than I expected to. Kay

Jane is encouraging, I like being given discipline alongside freedom to create, I am learning more than I expected to. Christine

I am definitely learning more than I expected to. Lucy

It is all great. Susie

I am learning more than I expected to, Jane has a varied and unusual approach to art. Pippa

My drawing is much better. Helen M

Good structure, good to be properly shown the basics. I am learning more than I expected to. Rachel

I am learning to see and draw. Judith

I learnt something about myself. Sue H

Thank you Jane, you are patient and kind to Michael, he is getting pleasure from the classes, I think. Jo, wife of dementia sufferer Michael.

Learning is absorbed over time, I am learning it is a journey. Elizabeth