Relational Dynamic Coach, (affiliated with RD1st Ltd and Culture at Work Ltd.) mentor and artist.

Coaching is enabling, it is gentle, confidential and non-judgemental. It helps unlock your issues and potential by empowering you.

Maybe you long for change in your life…you have a poor life/work balance; you’d like to try some sport or art but think you can’t; you want to get fitter; you don’t much like your life; you hate your job…

Life can be complicated, we are pulled in all sorts of directions and we can lose ourselves in the process … change and growth is possible.

What coaching is…

A good coach facilitates change and believes the individual has their own answers  hidden somewhere, waiting to unfold – the coach’s role is to help unlock those answers and develop actions towards growth.

Most of us have an inner voice that is discouraging, critical and negative at times; it may hold us back from achieving our potential in certain areas, but if we allow the subconscious or instinct to come forward we can learn to diminish fears and become the person we really are, or achieve the goal that we think impossible.

A good coach has the training and instinct to choose the right questions at the right time, reflect, listen and empower in order to allow the coachee to become their own guide in their immediate situation. The coach is not the expert on another’s subject or problem, but sits alongside, questions, challenges and supports the process.

…and what coaching isn’t

Although teaching, coaching, mentoring and counselling all share some key characteristics and skills, they are nonetheless quite different and it’s important to be aware of the differences.

Teaching The teacher is the expert in his/her field and imparts knowledge to the student, there is an imbalance of knowledge, the student being the lesser knowledgeable, looking to the teacher for all the ‘right’ answers.

Mentoring Mentoring has more similarities to teaching than coaching and is generally an ongoing personal journey with mentor being the guide, sharing with the mentee his/her knowledge so the mentee can learn more quickly. Think of Michaelangelo, he did not paint all of the Sisteen chapel ceiling but had assistants to help him, carefully following his designs and style. A mentoring relationship usually concentrates on the long term future, whereas coaching deals with more short term issues.

Counselling Counselling or Therapy is a therapeutic practice, dealing in depth with past traumas, often experienced in childhood; events that are preventing the individual moving forward in a stronger position.

Conclusion Coaching, in the way that I mean here, is a powerful process that can lead to positive change, its role is to help the individual see their own pathway, build realistic stepping stones and ultimately achieve goals that seem out of reach. A good coach unlocks an individuals potential.

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