Learn ART Online – Watercolours Level One

Beginning Watercolours – Watercolours Level One (WCP1)

“Watercolours are lovely! They are also fun, and hard at the same time, I hope you enjoy my sessions that build on each other – with practise you will produce some beautiful pieces of art. These assignments remind us too, that we don’t have to produce life like paintings all the time, I think each exercise will be an artwork in itself.

“Watercolour painting is a lovely thing, there is no medium like it, I always think if you can come to grips with it (notice I didn’t say ‘master’!) you will be able to paint in all mediums”.

Five assignments make up each course, and they each require at least 2 hours to complete. They are carefully constructed with step-by-step images to help you and are written in the approachable language in which she teaches class. By following them you will have all the techniques you need to continue watercolour painting with much more confidence.

Here are the titles of the 5 assignments: Colour mixing; Learn how to make the colours you want; Playful colour, adding one colour to another, layering and taking away; Learning to control your mark making; Putting it all together – painting something real and stretching paper.

You will have at least 3 months to complete the course, this can be extended if you wish. You submit your work after each assignment and Jane gives individual extensive audio and/or written feedback.

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Jane Hodgson and students – in class and part of her outdoor workshops on Dartmoor, Devon, UK

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