Learn ART Online – Drawing Level One

Want to Draw? Drawing Level One (D1).

“I love the fact you want to make marks, marks that have some meaning – meaning for YOU. I do believe any creative act is a very personal experience and creates a very personal outcome; this is my aim.

“I also love drawing and have practiced it for as long as I remember, it gives me a sense of place. I find drawing far more evocative than a photograph – I can remember where I was, what the weather was like, I add notes to remind me; I soak in the atmosphere. When I am absorbed in drawing I think of nothing else, it can be meditative, calming and very rewarding. It can also be very hard! My course helps alleviate the problem of not knowing how or where to start, I am positive I can teach you to draw”.

Jane knows the importance of learning the basics first, before moving on. Five assignments make up each course, and they each require at least 2 hours to complete. They are carefully constructed with step-by-step images to help you and are written in the approachable language in which she teaches class. By following them you will have all the techniques you need to continue drawing with confidence. Here are the titles of the 5 assignments: Lines and Negative Shapes; Creating Three Dimensions using Shade; Continuous Line, Scribble or Gestural Drawing; Drawing Textures; Light out of Dark. You will have at least 3 months to complete the course, this can be extended if you wish. You submit your work after each assignment and Jane gives individual extensive audio and/or written feedback.

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Jane Hodgson and students – in class and part of her outdoor workshops on Dartmoor, Devon, UK

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