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Learn ART Online’s sole aim is to teach you to draw and paint what YOU want to and in time create your OWN style.

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LAO is delighted to have so many new students joining up, if you are keen to bite the bullet and join this great new artistic family, there’s a helping hand near you right now!

Since 2018, I have been working on delivering my weekly Art Classes online. With this present Covid-19 lockdown I hope it will give people the opportunity to become more creative, “My aim is to help you tap into your own creative abilities so you can become the artist you want to beI am confident I can bring out your own creative style more than you think possible!”

I have just launched my first two courses, more to come very soon. They build on one another and are accompanied by lots of images of me doing the sessions with you. The courses feature 5 assignments, and I give regular, extensive personal feedback to all students.

Want to Draw? Drawing Level One. I teach you the basic techniques, before encouraging you to move on. I know I can teach you to draw.

Beginning Watercolours. Watercolours Level One. Step by step I introduce you to the beautiful medium of watercolours.

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Some highlights of endorsements below, for full text click here

JO’D: “Just to say how much I have enjoyed my online classes. I am a complete beginner and with your guidance have been amazed at what I have achieved in such a short time! ” 

AB:Jane works with individuals at their pace whilst also encouraging experimentation and fun. Starting with developing a rigorous understanding of the basics of drawing. The feedback Jane offers is always constructive and insightful and memorable. “

HS: “Online and offline, Jane is a natural teacher. She inspires confidence whilst at the same time being challenging and not allowing me to ‘hide’ and escape difficult tasks.

An empathetic, rigorous, fun and patient person who importantly is a gifted artist as well as teacher.”

JH: “When I think back to my early tentative attempts at drawing I really appreciate the progress I’ve made since, thanks to Jane’s encouragement and support.

“…she can spot your strengths and weaknesses before you do and push you into trying techniques and approaches which all help to develop your own style.

“Jane’s courses have not only developed my drawing and painting skills but have given me a much broader appreciation of artistic styles and approaches.”

PS: “When I decided to face my fear and take up painting lessons, I interviewed several teachers and I decided you were the one I wanted to study with.

You make me laugh.

You walk the talk in what you paint and do what you tell us to do.”

LO: “Jane’s classes have given me skills and confidence, provided time to experiment with lots of different techniques and materials, and above all freed up my creativity. ”

LH: “Jane’s classes incorporate a well thought out progression of exercises that successfully encourage anyone with an interest in developing their own artistic potential.

“Jane does not prescribe to one method of doing things, she likes to give gentle pointers through her exercises which then allows her students to develop their own particular style and medium choice.

“This is no ‘one size fits all’ type of course, it is much more accomplished than that.

“I cannot recommend it highly enough”.

Jane Hodgson and students – in class and part of her outdoor workshops on Dartmoor, Devon, UK

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