Mentoring for Artists

Jane has been mentoring artists since 2018, offering a very private and confidential space to explore her students work.

Mentoring allows you to explore deeply your own journey, verbalise what you are thinking, it gives space for communicating things you may not even be aware of, maybe it is a confusion that you need help to unravel. A mentor is a person with whom you build a working relationship, who is there to feedback, critique, reflect, listen, give opinions, sometimes judgements (remember it is only ONE opinion), pushes, challenges, but ultimately holds the artist in a safe space, entirely confidentially. Working over time, with meetings booked in the diary every two/three months, if you wish it – it gives an accountability and momentum that drives you forward when perhaps you are stuck. And we all get stuck!

Over the years Jane has been teaching she has been told she can bring out of people work they never knew existed, her students remain with her, some right from the beginning in 2014, they continue to learn and grow. Mentoring is more in depth and personal… time for you. 

“Through your patience and encouragement you have helped me discover, through art, ways of painting that are a complete surprise to me. I found a wonderful gift that has been hidden away for years and without your help I would never have found it. Thank you.” EM

“Jane asked me thought provoking questions that lead me towards a reckoning with my own process with a warm and genuine interest in my work. She manages to bring her own insights without judgement and directs in a suggestive way that I felt to be honouring of my own voice in my work. I came away feeling heard and nudged toward my full potential”. DC

She charges £50 per hour after the initial meeting, which is an hour and a half, and £65. The meetings are held in her studio near Bovey Tracey where there is plenty of space to show your work for discussion.

If you’d like more detail, please call Jane – 07973 709902, or email