‘Composition and Paint Handling’ full day workshops with Jane Hodgson

These new workshops are going to concentrate on the 2 most important parts of painting – Composition and Paint Handling. They are suitable for all levels of experience no matter what your subject or medium preference.

They will be inside in a studio space, at Yarner Wood; lots of room (Covid Rules apply and only 7 students per day).

I am an experimenter, which means my work changes depending on what new thing I have discovered! It also means that I have fun testing out different ways to paint, I am forever learning. These workshops are going to challenge you to experiment too, with your medium/s and tools and try things out you may not have thought about. Go for it!

I will also be discussing the fundamental rules of composition, get these right and you are half way there, no matter what you paint.

I started painting in watercolours, and remain a fan, but I found it wasn’t enough; however all my methods of working re-visit those processes; so whatever your medium, expect to play with liquids, a bit of throwing about, then working more closely on areas to take them to the next level.

Sunday 11 July, Thursday 5 August, Thursday 7 October 2021.

Days run from 11am – 4.30 with a break for lunch.

What to bring:
Reference material: sketches, photos, previous paintings.
Wear painting clothes.
Any medium/s you choose to work with.
Tools etc: spray bottle for water, toothbrush, pots for water/turps, rags, kitchen roll, brushes, palette knives, palette/s, newspapers, and all you usually use.
Easel (optional).
Miscellaneous tools for painting, (optional) as suggestions: sticks, sponge, rags, sandpaper, wiry scourer, and anything else you think could be interesting for mark making.
Grounds (depending on your medium/s): Good watercolour paper, gessoed boards, canvasses. Please do not use ‘paper suitable for acrylics’; if using acrylics bring gessoed thick paper or canvas.

What’s supplied:
Coffee, tea, buscuits.
Toilet facilities.
Tables and chairs.
Tuition, individual attention and demonstrations throughout the day. 

Each workshop is £80 per person. I will invoice and payment received confirms your place,