2023 Workshops

Mixed media half day workshop, including colour theory and composition.
Date: blah,
Time: 10am – 1pm

Pen and ink, and charcoal half day workshop, including composition.
Date: blah,
Time: 2pm – 5pm

Mixed media. We need to have some fun! September and October workshops are about just that. Try out different ways of creating paintings – collage, glues, textures, different mediums. Minimum 6 students, limited to 12.

Mixed media is paint, collage, ink, glue, material, etc etc. Mostly you will be discovering the miriad of mediums and materials and creating some fun paintings, but you will also learn a bit about colour theory and composition.

Suitable for beginners and those more advanced.
£50 per half day. 10am-1pm

What to bring:
The Mixed Media element, don’t bring too much please, but things like: material, paper, magazine, sacking, photos, anything with some texure, PVA glue, old paintings/drawings. You get the gist.
Reference material: sketches, photos, previous paintings.
Wear: painting clothes.
Any medium/s you choose to work with – bring all the mediums you wish to use. Paints, ink, pastels etc.
Tools etc., suggestions: spray bottle for water, toothbrush, pots/tins for water, pots/tins for mixing paint in, rags, kitchen roll, brushes, palette knives, palette/s.
Miscellaneous: Plastic bag/s for taking your rubbish home in.
Grounds: Good watercolour or cartridge paper (minimum 300gsm), gessoed boards, or stretched canvasses. Please bring as large as you can.

Discover what pen and ink, and also charcoal effects you can create. We will firstly work with pen and ink, then charcoal, and maybe combine the 2 mediums together too. Minimum 6 students, limited to 12.

This is a monochrome workshop, lots of time to play with the mediums and work on a still life as a subject.

Suitable for beginners and those who would like a top up.
£50 per half day. 10am-1pm

What to bring:
Nib pen/s: preferably 2 or 3 with different nib sizes.
Ink: One bottle of black caligraphy ink, one bottle of black acrylic ink.
If you wish: some water soluble pens, keep to black.
Paper: Good smooth watercolour or cartridge paper (minimum 300gsm), A4 minimum.

See above
Half days run from 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm. We will start sharply so please come 10 minutes before start time.
Wheelchair accessible.
In my experience people want to have time to create, so we will be inside in a studio space, at Yarner Wood; lots of room. There is also outside space, and you can go straight in to the lovely Yarner Woods should you wish.

Woodlands Room, Yarner Wood. TQ13 9LJ.
When you turn in to Yarner Wood, (signed East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve) drive up the track and past the white cottages on the right (about a mile). There is a CP in front of you, but instead turn left over cattle grid and keep driving about 1/4 mile until you reach the Woodlanders Room CP. The studio space is right there.
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What’s supplied:
Coffee, tea, buscuits, help yourself all day.
Drinking water.
Toilet facilities.
Tables and chairs.
Me! Tuition, individual attention and demonstrations throughout the day.
Half Day workshops are £50, booked and payable in advance.
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